Outreach Through The Arts provides music skills and experiences for the underserved youth of LA.

Through a highly trained artistic  faculty and partnerships, OTTA offers instruction in all levels for piano, voice, guitar, percussion, wind instruments, string instruments, rock band, chamber ensembles, DJ courses and music production labs. OTTA allows students to discover hidden talents and fine tune their playing abilities in a creative, stimulating and supportive environment.


We provide scholarships towards private and group instrument lessons and access to ensembles outside of strenuous school schedules and rules like Rock Band, Jazz Band, and Chamber Ensemble. 


Our program includes podcasting experience—from producing shows, conducting interviews, and branding, in both the audio and visual medium. 


We partner with the DJ Coach to provide both private and group DJ lessons, and even scholarships towards our seasonal camp which pair the lessons with a cooking class! 


Access to the music industry includes mentorships behind the mixing board, with music professionals and executives who share their knowledge and experiences.

"We've got your back"

We want to help support the kids in the community

Outreach Through the Arts is the passion project by Lana Negrete which provides scholarships towards private/group instrument instruction, experience in music production, and access to music performances to the underserved youth of Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and Malibu. She is also the owner of Santa Monica Music Center, a local small family business where scholarships for every music program at the store is available through OTTA. 

Donate to the Program


Contributes to private and group instrument lessons


Additionally contributes to scholarships to programs like camps and The LAB 

$100 & Above

Additionally contributes to access to performances, instruments, and the development of new programs.